About Chronos plugin

Seamless time tracking and reports, bundled with native desktop app. Cross-platform. Simple. Fully integrated

Chronos consists of two independent parts - reports and the desktop time tracker app, you can use both or one of them.

Desktop app

Finally logging your work made easy with our JIRA integrated cross-platform desktop app, which is automatically syncing all your JIRA issues, and creating native JIRA worklogs. Forget about creating worklogs by hand, just create them with ease using Chronos Desktop. All automated!


You can authorize using your JIRA login/password or Oauth.
Oauth requires additional configuration that can be done only by administrator. Read about it on settings part.

JIRA Issues and worklogs:

You can select project and issue to track your time and create worklog.


If your jira administrator enables screenshot functionality it will be indicated by special icon. Screenshots will be taken only during tracking time for worklog, screenshot time depends on settings that administrator set. You will see notification and preview of your screenshot. Screenshot can be deleted.
Screenshots will be available on chronos plugin page in your JIRA.


The app will measure your activity during tracking time. Activity will be shown on chronos plugin page in your JIRA.

Download links:





Fast and responsive JIRA web-interface for viewing your worklogs featuring many filtering and sorting options with an ability to export printable CSV's.
Watch issues in progress online, view screenshots and activity.


You can check reports in few different views: calendar week view, calendar month view, calendar day view and timeline.


Report page have lot of useful filters by - date, issues, users, projects and boards.

Also you can filter by worklog types:

  • Manual - manually created worklogs
  • Automatic - worklogs tracked by chronos desktop app
  • Edited - worklogs tracked by chronos desktop app but manually edited
  • In progress - currently tracking worklogs
Editing worklogs

You can create and edit worklogs right on the report page

Detailed report of automatic worklogs

Our reports show activity levels, idle periods and screenshots in a nice and convenient way.


You can set hour rate for any user and have financial report.

Admin settings

JIRA administrator have an access to three chronos settings pages:

  • Rates - On this page you can define rates for your team and visibility of this rates.
  • Oauth - On this page you can configure OAuth settings for chronos desktop app.
  • Desktop tracker - On this page you can specify users for screenshots and frequency.